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Page 1 USER MANUAL USER MANUAL V2. Typically, that’s up to a maximum of 1/250sec. New Website rotolight neo2 manual Please Check it Out. As a continuous light, the Neo 2 is really straightforward. High Speed Sync allows you to utilise the flash of NEO 2, and synchronise it with your camera&39;s shutter release, at speeds faster than your camera&39;s native internal sync speed (typically 1/160th or 1/250th). This circular design creates round catchlights in eyes which look far more attractive than the square effect that are more commonly associated with the more usual square or rectangular panels. · I run though the NEW Rotolight Neo 2.

Designed for photographers and videographers on the go, NEO 2 provides up to 500% flash output for whenever users need to freeze action. The twin dial control and small LED panel make for easy adjustment during filming and the effects options are superb for adding a touch of drama or atmosphere to your shots. Rob goes a little more in depth into the power output, from the specifications listed on the Rotolight Neo website. How does the rotolight Neo 2 work? Page 3: Page Contents List of Box Contents Rotolight NEO NEO Filter holder Thank you for purchasing Rotolight Rotolight Belt Pouch NEO! . Page 15 Rotolight Master of Light Jason Lanier shooting with the NEO 2.

Used as a light for still photography and the constant LEDs are powerful enough to throw enough light to illuminate your subject effectively. Each light panel weighs approximately 1. And to a large extent, the Rotolight AEOS works. The Rotolight Neo 2 is convenient and easy to use. Is it enough to make stills photographers re-think their old-fashioned speed lights?

5 hours in continuous mode at maximum power. Of course, many people are more interested in the Rotolight Neo 2’s constant light capability. 20) for an exposure guide, take a test shot and either adjust fl ash power, or distance to the subject to achieve. How to set-up of the flash functionality on the Rotolight NEO II including a full breakdown of how to use the NEO II with the Elinchrom HS Skyport allowing f. 1 x Rotolight Universal power adapter with regional mains cable 1 x NEO 2™ Filter pack: 1 x 216 Full Diffuser (1. NEO 2 is a revolutionary LED light, that combines the ‘shoot what you see’ benefits of continuous light, with the flexibility of High-Speed Sync (HSS) flash, for more power or to freeze action.

This shaping is why Rotolights previous generations of lights have become so popular with portrait and location photographers. Set your camera to manual Flash mode and refer to the f-stop table (see page 22) for an exposure guide. Managing Director of Rotolight, Rod Aaron Gammons, explains which transmitters and receivers are compatible with the NEO 2 and AEOS. This means you can also use a cable connection to. Add in the power of the flash and this greatly adds to the versatility of the unit. . · Rotolight’s Neo 2, Aeos and Anova Pro 2 LED lights have a built-in Elinchrom Skyport receiver that allows them to be triggered via the Rotolight HSS Transmitter.

Rotolight Neo 2 Advertisement Rotolight NEO II User Manual (48 pages). Rotolight | Advanced LED Lighting for Video, Photography and. The managing director at Rotolight just told me that the strobe feature on the Rotolight NEO 2 is "a lot more powerful than the new profoto A1". You can take the light with you wherever you go and set it up really quickly. · theraven871 wrote: I&39;ve been thinking of adding some LED (or any type of continuous) lighting to my kit bag for use on some portrait shoots. While it doesn’t feel quite as robust as the Aeos, the Neo 2 is a pretty solid-feeling unit.

Rotolight Master of Light Jason Lanier shooting with the NEO 215 16 NEO 2 is not a TTL fl ash, it is a manual fl ash with adjustable fl ash power, modelling light, colour temperature and duration settings. 5stop diffuser on neo2 it, in continuous mode at only 55% brightness, and it works perfectly! Rotolight NEO 2 LED Light - EXTRA Foam Hand Grip with 1/4" 20 Male Stud - EXTRA Set of Colored Filters - 4 Piece Filter Set ( 216 & 250 Diffusion Filter / 184 Cosmetic Peach Skin Tone Diffusion Filter / 279 Minus Green Filter) - Hot Shoe - AC/DC Power Adapter and Mains Cable - RL48-ABP Belt Pouch - Rotolight 1 Year Warranty - Pro Air Cushioned.

As mentioned, the Rotolight AEOS has a maximum light output of 5,750 lux at 3 feet when at approximately 4,400k colour temperature. 5 out of 5 stars 3 2. See full list on camerajabber. In the hand, the unit is portable and light.

· Rotolight response : We’ve just done an entire shoot where just one NEO 2 was used at 15ft to the model with a soft box with 1. It takes but a few of minutes to remove the panels from the case, mount them to stands and have them ready to go. The table below shows the main differences between the two units.

We had the Rotolight AEOS kit to test, which contains two AEOS light panels, light stands, 4-piece filter set and a carry case. · The Rotolight Neo 2 is an LED light panel with the capability to fire its LEDs fast enough and bright enough to act as a strobe. Page 42 (RL-BATT-95) Lithium-ion v-Lock Battery (available from www. A simple red display shows the feature or setting. Our review unit arrived with a battery which keeps the unit small, compact and portable, but it’s worth noting that this is usually an additional cost.

Page 16 NEO 2 is not a TTL fl ash, it is a manual fl ash with adjustable fl ash power, modelling light, colour temperature and duration settings. · Rotolight NEO 2 is available as a single light, including a belt pouch, accessory shoe, power supply and four-piece filter pack including diffusion, skin tone and magenta, or as a three-light kit with hard flight case, stands and ball heads. For those of you who don&39;t know the A1 is the new speedlight (they call it a small studio light) that is coming out soon from profoto. As both units have the E. Thanks to the radio receiver, the NEO 2 offers HSS at all power levels of the light and the ability to control multiple off-camera lights. It’s not as powerful rotolight neo2 manual as the average flashgun, but the Neo 2 is versatile and constant light is easier to work with.

Improved navigation for Rotolight users. Powered by 6 AA batteries, DC or DTaP, NEO 2™ delivers outstanding colour reproduction, with a gorgeous soft light output and Rotolight’s signature catch light effect. com) for 6 hours run time, and MAX + flash mode. As for the flash feature, there is a distinct disadvantage and an advantage over dedicated flashguns. I only have dSLR bodies with PC sync ports, but generally, the menu control is for a flash that can communicate with the camera (TTL/HSS, etc. How many batteries are in Neo 2? Whether you are familiar with LED light panels or not, it doesn’t get much simpler. Rotolight supplies a 216 Full Diffuser and a 250 Medium, Half White Diffuser, which help deal with the problem, but inevitably they cut out 1.

These are knobs that can be pressed and rotated. In continuous mode, the maximum output is lux at 0. The solution is simple, a little bit of sticky tape, but it’s not very elegant.

Color temperature is adjustable from 6300K down to 3200K. When it comes to positioning there are several screw threads so the supplied Pro Ball Head or other standard tripod head can be attached. It’s a wonderful concept; a portable light that is at home in both the studio and on location, for both videos and photography. Where the Rotolight AEOS shines is as a continuous LED light. Now includes integrated Elinchrom Skyport HSS flash receiver. Helpfully, the Neo 2 also has a 3. Either way with or without the battery those two grips make it easy to position the lamp in the correct direction. I must admit if i buy a set, and it would be a set, then I would have to stretch to the batteries as well as it made the lamps that much more versatile and of course portable.

· I have a GH5 and the camera doesn&39;t let me set the flash setting in the menu (it stays greyed out) when I attach an external flash unit (Rotolight Neo 2) to the external flash socket. I find that lighting can be a real hassle for many reasons, usually shadows and catchlights. To give you a small idea of the level of output, with the light set to 3,150k our exposure settings for a group shot of four people positioned around 5 feet from the light read as f/4, 1/200sec at ISO 800. What’s more, its colour accuracy is good and you don’t find it drifting during a shoot.

These batteries are essential for location shoots. Rotolight NEO II Location Light Review | The Rotolight NEO II is an incredibly flexible portable lighting system, capable of both high output continuous ligh. It is really easy to hold the light by hand and position it at all angles. It’s great for lifting a video, adding light to gloomy areas for example or putting a bit of sparkle in the subject’s eyes. 5 Stops) 1 x 250 Medium, Half White Diffuser (3/4 Stops) 1 x 184 “Cosmetic Peach” Diffusion 1 x 279 1/8 th Minus Green (Magenta) 1 x Filter Holder. While it shares many features with its predecessor, the NEO 2 is considerably more powerful and provides more interfacing options.

It means the lights are completely portable and can be used outside for up to 85,000 flashes at full power, or 1. Using the lamp with the mains adapter and the cable does, as always, get in the way, but without the weight of the battery it’s also that much lighter. When it comes to catchlights the round design wins hands down when it comes to reflections in the eye when compared with the more common rectangular panel. I’ve mainly used the Neo 2 in constant mode, either for shooting product images or video. Read on and find out. In some instances, the only solution is to keep tweaking the angles to find one that cuts the reflection. Highlights and reflections are always an issue with shiny objects and although the Neo 2 naturally produces quite soft light, you need to look out for small highlights arranged in a ring. NEO 2 is compatible with rotolight neo2 manual all the Rotolight Neo 1 & RL48 mounting accessories (foam handle, magic arm and clamp kits).

Using a colour setting of 4110K sets both types of LED to their maximum level and produces the maximum brightness. · In terms of usability, the Rotolight AEOS has been built for a purpose, it truly is a light for the field. 5 x 2cm and weighs in at 1. With the battery fitted the light is extremely easy to manoeuvre due to those two large handles on either side of the case. NEO 2 is not a TTL fl ash, it is a manual fl ash with adjustable fl ash power, modelling light, colour temperature and duration settings. Positioned around the outer edge of the AEOS are two tripod mountings with the standard 1/4-inch thread, this enables the light to be mounted to a stand or rotolight neo2 manual arm whenever needed.

The disadvantage is that the output does not come clos. Revolutionary all-in-one continuous LED light and HSS Flash.

Rotolight neo2 manual

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